Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Baker Road, Towns Of Malone And Bangor, New York

I had just toured Limekiln Road in the town of Malone, but decided to turn onto Baker Road and head toward the town of Bangor on my way home. This small, abandoned house stood at the intersection of the two roads:

Baker Road looked far less suburban and less prosperous than Limekiln Road, but there were still farms along the road:

A silo and grain bin by this dairy barn, with lots of haylage bales out front:

This was the farm house which accompanied the above barn:

A barn with blue siding and a house with blue roofing. Notice the silo on the right and grain bin on the left of the barn:

I could tell that this barn once held dairy goats by the painting on its front wall. Because the snow was not plowed, however, I could also tell it wasn't used any more:

A very dark colored barn, again with the snow not plowed:

The house which went with the brown barn was built of perfectly cut, light colored stone. I'd love to know the story of that historic house:

This abandoned structure might have been a former house or a former barn - I couldn't tell. There was also an abandoned boat nearby, though, so my guess was that it used to be a home. But this was the last picture I took on Baker Road, so I put my camera away and concentrated on getting home to take care of my animals:

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