Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Alburg Road In The Town Of Moira, New York

I took a driving photo tour of Alburg Road, heading south, and stopped for a picture of this well constructed outbuilding with a blue house door installed:

This small building was, I think, a one room Amish schoolhouse. Notice the buggy parked to one side and the outhouse out back. Also, the large bell and chimney are commonly seen on Amish homes and schools:

I looked on the map afterwards to identify this pretty stream and apparently it was Lawrence Brook:

Two small outbuildings of unknown purpose:

I then came to a large barn and silo, with Holstein cows lounging nearby. I knew from previous drives that this was another Amish farm:

There was an older farm house plus a new, Amish built house:

The newer home was built in the traditional Amish style:

This farm also had a sawmill:

I continued on Alburg Road and came to these three deluxe hay wagons, parked and ready for service in the coming hay season:

And the farm they were attached to looked large and prosperous:

The farm house itself was well kept and attractive:

And had a wonderful view out over the valley below. I liked their clever mailbox too:

Beef cattle roamed the fields near the road and I noticed many newborn calves among them:

As I neared the end of Alburg Road, I gazed out over the scenic valley to the east, at more farms, fields and Alburg Brook:

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