Monday, May 8, 2017

Household Angels

Georgette has always had a - - well, a "different" personality, but since she's taken up residence on the kitchen table, she's become glued to the spot and hesitant to even jump off to get food or use the litter box. The two new cats in the house follow her, but only because she runs. But she is old and set in her ways. I doubt there is much I can do to change her. She loves this spot because I can reach out and pet her while paying bills, doing crossword puzzles or eating dinner:

Fergus seems to like the smallest dog bed. Perhaps he feels all cuddled up in it:

Tiny Jack likes the bigger dog bed. Maybe it helps him to feel like a German Shepherd:

Bugsy and Daphne shared a floor pillow and were obviously enjoying each other's company:

Bramble has his own bed atop another piece of furniture and, like Georgette, he spends most of his day there. But at least he jumps down and socializes with the other animals sometimes:

Seamus' legs are beginning to stiffen. It's a good thing he's lost so much weight. If he was as fat as he used to be, he might be lame by now. It seems so recently that he was a goofy puppy. I guess we are all aging, aren't we?

Meghan and Ruby are wild and crazy gals, running in circles and leaping up in the air when they play:

Ruby (the brown one) was squealing loudly and running, so I feared that Meghan was bullying her. But after watching them closely, I decided that they were getting along just fine. I know they chatter and squeak a lot, but it's difficult to know what they are saying (except, of course, when they want lettuce):

The kitchen corner is still the primary hangout for dogs and cats during the day. At night, the dogs sleep in my bedroom and the two new cats, Daisy and Bugsy, sleep outside my bedroom door, waiting for me to come back out:

Our beautiful spring weather has meant that the dogs get to spend more time outdoors. They seem to love it:

It's time for me to begin mowing the lawn:

Clover, Fergus, Daphne, Rocky, Bugsy and Bramble - all in a row. It wouldn't be home with them:

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