Friday, May 12, 2017

The Hamlet Of North Lawrence, New York - Part 1

I had a lot of spring chores to do but was in no mood to do them. Instead, I drove to nearby North Lawrence, NY and took pictures, starting with the Maple Grove Cemetery:

I turned onto the narrow dirt lane which circled the perimeter of the cemetery and drove around, taking in the sights. The big tombstone in the foreground was for Leon and Orma, but their last name must have been on another side. They lived from 1874 to 1891, and from 1888 to 1905. I wondered how the cemetery crew had maneuvered such a big chunk of stone without big, modern equipment:

My next stop was a handsome log home with a barn out back. The barn had a sign saying "Deer River Livestock." North Lawrence is indeed on the Deer River:

This historic looking house and barn added some color to the landscape:

A modern (or modernized) home on the outskirts:

And a brick home with a brand new addition on the back and an old fashioned, red barn:

And then I arrived in "town," at the North Lawrence Supermarket. It appeared to be a busy place, with lot of people coming and going:

The Pit Stop, a friendly restaurant where I once had Maple Pie, a particular favorite of mine. This is, after all, real maple syrup country:

A colorful home in the main part of town:

And the North Lawrence Post Office. Both North Lawrence and Lawrenceville are hamlets within the township of Lawrence, but North Lawrence is the bigger of the two. I checked the internet for population, but all I could find was that the entire township of Lawrence had only 1545 people, or 584 households. This is rural America:

The Grapevine store and cafe, one of two restaurants in North Lawrence. I've never been in this one, though some day I may want to try their Bullhead dinner:

Although the sign read "North Lawrence Vol. Fire Dept. Ladies Auxiliary," this must have been the main fire department, for I saw no other:

I turned onto a county highway which could have taken me into Franklin County, and stopped to photograph this handsome house with its welcoming front porch:

But the main reason I turned was to photograph the one and only big industry in town, The North Country Dairy, a major producer of yogurt:

I turned back toward town at this handsome home:

And passed by the North Country Dairy once again, snapping a picture of another section of it. This really is a major plant, impressive in its size (especially for such a small town). But there was still much more to see in North Lawrence, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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