Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Hamlet Of North Lawrence, New York - Part 2

I was taking a driving tour of tiny North Lawrence, NY (see also Part 1, posted yesterday) and came to the rear of The Grapevine store and cafe. I found it odd that their sign was on the back of the building instead of the front. I suppose that in North Lawrence, everyone in town already knows where it is located:

And then I noticed "The Jug." I looked it up online when I got home and learned that it was the local tavern, a place for folks to hang out. Apparently it too serves food, which means that tiny North Lawrence has three restaurants and a grocery store, which I found impressive for such a small town:

I crossed the main road to get a look at the residential streets:

This home looked historic and had two carriage houses out back:

A more modern home:

A Roman Catholic Church. Churches with tall steeples are notoriously difficult to photograph because the right side of the picture leans to the left and the left side of the picture leans to the right. Every camera I've had does the same thing. The effect is usually not so noticeable, but on tall steeples it can be dramatic. I made the steeple almost vertical, but then the left side of the building leaned even more:

The picture of the local Community Church came out with less distortion, no doubt because it wasn't so tall:

This ornate and picturesque home was for sale, and would indeed by a nice place to live:

The Anderson Funeral Home, which I added to the three restaurants, one tavern, one grocery store, one Post Office, one hair salon, one tire store, one yogurt plant and two churches. That's a lot of businesses for such a tiny hamlet, but then Massena and Malone are each about 20 miles away, with nothing much in between except farm country:

The local hair salon, called "Cuts And A-Bit-More." I didn't photograph it on the way into town because a woman was sitting on the porch. Instead, I snapped a picture on my way out of town:

This unused building must have once been a gas station and/or auto repair shop, judging by the "AIR" sign painted on the wall:

A lovely home with tulips in full bloom (mine were not) and two porches:

I was headed out of the business district when I stopped for a picture of this farm house:

A brick home with a carriage house, now a garage, out back:

This appeared to be a brand new home, though it may have been an older farm house, completely remodeled:

My last photo in North Lawrence was of Visser Tire, always an active place. It appears to me that they do a big business, both for passenger cars and trucks. I don't know, but I'll bet that in this part of the country they also do a lot of tractor tires:

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