Friday, May 26, 2017

North Country Porches - Part 2

I was touring Massena, New York looking for typical north country porches (see also Part 1, posted yesterday). Front porches are popular in these parts:

A great big house with a great big porch:

A broad porch with broad stairs:

The hedges and lawn ornaments almost hid this porch, but I noticed it:

A giant house with an elaborate porch. This building houses a gift shop but I don't know if people live there also. I suspect they do:

A country style house with porch:

Bright colored Tulips in front of a blue house:

Wrap-around porch and turret:

Another home with both porch and turret:

A bench out front in case sitting on the porch becomes tiresome:

This was one of my favorite homes. I think it is gorgeous:

A horse lover's home with porch:

I decided that I had more than enough porch photos to illustrate the local style, but thought I'd add a picture of the Massena water tower to give a fuller impression of the small town nature of life here:

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