Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Heath Hill Road In The Town Of Dickinson, New York

I had just come to the end of Alburg Road and, when it crossed Town Line Road, I went from the town of Moira NY to Dickinson, NY and the road changed its name to Heath Hill Road. My first stop was to snap a photo of these handsome horses:

And Amish corn shocks, which were showing considerable wear after standing all winter:

Two very nice barns and a large pile of what must have been future firewood:

When I got closer, I got a better view of the two barns in the above picture:

A large barn, part of what appeared to be a busy farm:

And an Amish house, recently built and ready for siding. I noticed the tall bell and clothes on the line, both commonly seen at Amish houses:

This strange old shed stood all alone out in a muddy field and I wondered what it had been for:

Heath Hill Road became a narrow dirt road through the forest as I continued, and I stopped for a photo of this woodsy camp with a pavilion for outdoor entertaining:

As I neared the end of Heath Hill Road, the scenery opened up to scenes of the valley below and mountains beyond:

I loved this home with its two tiers of porches:

Corn fields were common and ready to be plowed:

Heath Hill Road ended at Route 11B, where I turned toward home, stopping only to snap one last photo of this old abandoned farm house:

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