Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Springtime On The Farm - Part 3

A dead horse? No, a lazy horse. Remy likes to sleep inside the barn or, in this case, outside the barn on the soft, old hay wasted during the winter:

But most of the time, I can find the cattle and horses in the south field, grazing:

Jasmine has passed her due date so clearly was not pregnant. Nonetheless, she is so sweet and gentle that she's one of my favorites:

I bought these two odd perennials at Walmart and planted them. The roots did not look impressive, so I don't expect much from them. Nonetheless, they'll sure be eye catching if they do grow:

And speaking of growing, my new Tulips have blossomed so fully that the flowers look almost like Peonies. Their red color is so brilliant that the camera seemed unable to capture it:

And they were asking people to take home the leftover Easter Lilies at church. There were so many needing a home that I took two of them. Everyone assures me that they survive our rugged winters, but I'll believe that if and when I see it:

And wild Violets are in bloom everywhere in my lawn and gardens. My mother loved Violets so much that she had a small garden full of them just outside our back door. When we were kids, we used to buy fancy, domesticated varieties for her birthday or for Mother's Day - but it was always the wild violets which thrived and bloomed:

A neighbor told me that there were three baby foxes living in a collapsed shed, just a couple hundred feet down the road from me. He wisely suggested I drive down to see them as the car would be less likely to cause them to run away. I had to drive down multiple times, but I finally got to see two of the babies:

They were about the size of cats and incredibly cute. Now that I've given up on my war against them and committed to keeping my hens indoors, I hold no grudge against foxes:

One kit was shy and hid in the rubble, but the other continued to sit still:

And the curious kit watched me while its sibling peered out from the rubble:

I never saw the third kit, just the bold one in the front and the skittish one in the rubble. Nonetheless, it was a wonderful sight. By the way, they are still killing someone's chickens, for I saw the wing of a Rhode Island Red next to the kit in the foreground:


  1. Be still my beating heart; though I could never get on board with the fox trend in the decorative arts, these babies are so darn cute!
    That 1st shot of Remy had me going for a second, funny boy.

    1. Seeing those kits was indeed an exciting experience. I am glad I got the chance to experience them. Remy is a character and sleeps on his side for a good part of each day. I'm only now getting used to seeing him like that without panicking in fear that he might be sick or dead.