Sunday, May 14, 2017

Around The Farm

Things had been chilly, but spring continued to advance slowly. Blue and Jasmine stood together near the stock tank for this photo. Jasmine was overdue for calving. You can see that she's rather big around the middle. I was checking on her several times a day:

I was out in the south field when I took this photo, looking toward the barn, house and the neighbors' red barn. The brown circles are wasted hay from where the bale feeder was located at one point. I moved it with each new bale:

 Dawn in the pasture, with the sun just breaking over the trees:

 Remy and Jasmine on a windy day:

 The wild Shadbush all burst into bloom on April 29 and continued for several weeks, adding beauty to the woodlands everywhere:

 Shadbush in bloom along the edges of a neighbor's field. Also notice the big puddles in the foreground of the photo. It has been a very wet spring:

 Our spring began in earnest and then it suddenly turned chilly and rainy. In fact, it was so rainy that wild ducks began nesting in corn fields. The Mallard drake was right next to the road but became alarmed when I stopped and rolled down the car window to photograph him:

 I returned to the neighbors' sheep farm to see how their lambing season was going:

 This little cutie was hoping I had a bottle of milk for her. I didn't, and she quickly lost interest in me:

 The lambs in this pen were running and playing, angering the crabby old ram. The ewe in the small pen had tiny, delicate lambs and they were being protected from the hustle and bustle in the big pen:

 I was told that they had about 80 lambs this season. I asked about the red marks and learned that they are simply identification, to help the farmers keep track of who was who:

 Lambs sure are cute. It's always fun to visit them:

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