Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dogs And Cats And Guinea Pigs, Oh My!

Despite our snow and cold nights in the early part of May, the grass greened up and the dogs got to spend some warm afternoons in their back yard as the month progressed:

But the kitchen corner was and is still the most popular spot for snoozing:

Fergus and Jack love to bark, watching everything that moves from their back yard:

Georgette is getting old now, and seldom leaves her bed atop the kitchen table:

Seamus and Daphne like this corner of the back yard because they can see any activity at the neighbors' house and bark at them:

The dogs love their time outdoors, but they also love returning to their soft beds and catching a nap with whatever cats want to join them - in this case, Bugsy:

And as if sleeping all day in the kitchen isn't enough, the dogs also get to sleep in the bedroom:

Enjoying springtime:

I should perhaps have saved this picture of Rocky for Halloween. His eyes came out spooky looking:

And back to the floor pillows and dog beds, this time with both Rocky and Bugsy:

Ruby and Megan, the resident guinea pigs, are the reason the cats can't come into the bedroom. Their cage came with a great hiding spot, but I added the pipe fitting as a place to hide or just to play in. They do seem to like it. I can tell by how much poop I clean out of it each morning:

Daisy is difficult to photograph. Like Rocky, her eyes glow strangely in direct, frontal photos - and she also tends to roll over on her back when she sees me. In this case, I just snapped her picture anyway. This is, after all, how she normally looks:


  1. Sometimes your Innocents are unintentionally funny like your first shot-equally spaced dogs. Does Daisy have an unusual amount of toes on her front right foot? Love seeing your loving family.

    1. Thanks. Daisy doesn't have extra toes although she does have extra personality.