Sunday, May 28, 2017

Spring Flora White Hill Wild Forest - Part 2

I was walking around Clear Pond with the dogs and photographing whatever spring flowers I could find. I saw lots of Hobblebush, which often looked as if it was artfully arranged by a professional landscaper:

 Painted Trillium:

I couldn't identify this Violet, but perhaps it was a Broad-Leafed Wood Violet:

 Red Trillium:

 Trout Lilies were up but not yet in bloom:

I guessed these to be emerging Canada Mayflowers. Everything is so late this year that we may want to rename them Canada June-flower:

 Painted Trillium:

 Red Trillium:

 Coltsfoot is usually the first flower of all, and to find it so late in the season was confirmation to me that spring was much delayed this year:

 Red Trilliums:

We were on our way out when I saw patch of Marsh Marigolds, with a State Forest sign in front of them. Tomorrow I'll post about the dogs and their happy romp along the edge of Clear Pond:

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