Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The CCC Reservoir

Not all spring days are lovely, and this day was chilly with drizzling rain. I stayed mostly indoors until lunch time and then decided to get outside with the dogs and at least try to do something. So we drove to the nearby Walter Pratt Camping and Picnic Area, part of Brasher State Forest. We had it all to ourselves, so I let the dogs run right down to the CCC reservoir:

As usual, the dogs were a bit wild at first, their excitement getting the best of them (and getting the best of me). They soon slowed down, at least a little - except for Jack. He kept running. I almost deleted this picture but kept it because of its closeup of Jack at full Gallop (even if it did cut off his feet):

We explored along the water's edge and back, into the open forest:

Seamus had hurt his leg or hip, but suddenly seemed to recover when given the opportunity to have fun in the outdoors:

Five Canada Geese were unhappy with our presence and honked angrily. This pair paralleled the shore while another pair came rushing across the water toward us. I was afraid they might get belligerent, but they never left the water:

So we ignored them and walked along the peninsula which jutted out into the water:

It really was beautiful there, in spite of the chill and drizzle:

Jack and Fergus sniffed at some interesting smell while Seamus looked around:

And then all the dogs checked out the water's edge. Not a single one of them got their feet wet, however:

And little Jack kept running:

We began walking back toward the road, following the ridge on the peninsula:

Picnic tables and fire pits dotted the area. I've never seen picnickers, though I do often see campers during the summer and fall:

Clover and Daphne took one last walk down to the water:

And then began racing to catch up with the rest of us:

The last part of our excursion was through the tall White Pines as we headed for our car. The car is bright red and you can just see it through the trees:

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