Thursday, May 4, 2017

Happy Dogs In The Brasher State Forest - Part 1

I kept seeing beautiful photos of early spring wildflowers on other people's blogs, so I decided that our local forest floors must surely be in bloom by now. I took the dogs to the Brasher State Forest, pulled off the road, parked and let the dogs out:

It was a beautiful day, albeit a bit chilly, and the scenery was wonderful:

I didn't see any flowers. In fact, I didn't see any leaves of flowering plants:

What I did see was a forest full of Red Pines, and the forest floor was covered with their needles and cones:

But we were having a nice walk in a beautiful forest, so I gave up on seeing any flowers and enjoyed the sights:

We came to a fork in the trail. Oops, I guess we won't go to the right:

We turned instead to the left, and discovered the forest was becoming all White Pines instead of Red Pines:

The ground was covered with soft, green moss and the sun shone through the forest canopy. The dogs ran and played:

We wandered off the trail for a while but saw no flowers - not even one, not even a bud or a flowering plant. Nonetheless, who could complain with scenery like this all around?:

The dogs were overly excited at first, but I hollered at them a few times and they got better about not running too far ahead:

But mostly they had fun and it was a pleasant adventure:

We finally turned back toward our car, but took a different route at first. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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