Friday, August 1, 2014

Update On The Pets

It's been easy living this summer for the household pets. With two exceptions, every one of them has been happy, healthy and comfortable. The two exceptions are PeeWee, who had another stroke (but recovered) and Bramble, who developed a urinary tract infection (and is being treated):

Georgette continued to bless the upstairs with her orange glow and friendly demeanor:

Daphne and Fergus shared a fleecy dog bed:

And all the dogs share the bedroom with me. PeeWee was there too when I took this shot, just out of the picture:

And there's PeeWee, who has his own personal doggy bed:

Draco kept watch on the living room from a rocking chair:

And Seamus looked adorable at the foot of the bed. He's lost more than 10% of his body weight this summer and is feeling much more comfortable and energetic:

PeeWee seems to slip a little farther off into outer space with each stroke, yet he's still a happy member of the family who enjoys being with us. I think that having all the other dogs and cats around is a great comfort to PeeWee. If he was all alone, I suspect he'd panic:

Daphne, Snoozey and Clover:

A collection of five pets on two fleecy dog beds:

And Draco again posed for the camera, this time on a kitchen chair:

The lazy, happy days of summer. Daphne decided to lie down on the ramp and take a snooze:

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