Friday, August 8, 2014

Pictures From Around The Farm

I took this photo on a quiet afternoon, standing in the shade of the apple trees. Chickens were scratching and clucking on the lawn, and cows were drinking water over near the gate. It was a peaceful scene:

The five chicks are living with the pigeons. Everyone gets along well but I will soon have to introduce the chicks to the adult chickens and that will be more tricky:

The hens spend every day exploring the yard, but beneath the apple trees is a favorite spot:

All in all, a pleasant summer:

A Canadian Swallowtail came to visit, attracted to a Milkweed blossom:

The fantail pigeons are attempting to nest again:

The little rooster leads a small contingent of his harem around the yard, crowing every few minutes:

I've stopped getting many eggs and recently discovered why. The hens have been laying them in hidden spots in the garden. Of course some of these eggs are old and rotten, so I just had to throw them all out:

 Here's the fantail pigeon baby at 26 days old:

 And that's him or her on the bottom right at 28 days of age, almost full sized:

I tried to plant a shoot from the Rugosa Roses and watered it many times each day. Two toads became its constant attendants, apparently drawn to the cool, moist soil:

And this is a side benefit of feeding the birds last winter. Several sunflowers have sprung up and begun blooming. How those seeds escaped the ravenous, foraging hens, I'll never know. It must be a miracle:

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