Monday, August 25, 2014

Clear Pond, In The White Hill Wild Forest - Part 1

My ankles had been very troublesome, but the day was so lovely that I felt I just had to get outdoors with the dogs and do something. I needed someplace nearby, with easy walking and great scenery, so I took the dogs to Clear Pond in the White Hill Wild Forest in Parishville. I let them out of the car and they hit the ground running:

Daphne and Clover, the two little racers in the above photo, ran together, wrestling and stopping only to sip water from the lake or nibble green grass:

And as for scenery, I had picked a winner. We'd always hiked on the opposite shore in the past, so this time I figured we could see some new sights and explore some new trails:

A Loon was out on the water calling loudly. It was too far away to show up in a video, but I tried taking one anyway to record the sound. Alas, the dogs were far too noisy for the video to be useable. But that was no problem when I had scenery like this:

We began following a path into the forest, fully intending to stay near the lake shore:

Indeed, we veered off the trail and into the conifers so that we could keep near the water:

We picked up another trail along the lake shore and followed it until it ended:

So back up the hill into the forest we went:

Fergus was a very happy dog:

And all the dogs continued running and playing:

We saw a lot of fungi, but these squash colored mushrooms were my favorites. But we had barely begun and there was a lot more to see, so I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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