Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rosella, My First Red Poll Calf

Brace yourself. There are going to be a lot of "baby pictures" in the future, beginning with today's post. This is Rosella, my first calf, just after I'd tattooed her ears:

She spent most of every day during her first week hiding in the grass. There were many nights when I had to go searching for her because even her mother didn't seem able to find her:

But when they found each other, they were inseparable:

Scarlett, the mom, has showed no signs of hostility toward me, though she has certainly been anxious about her new baby:

And Rosella, for her part, runs like the wind when she isn't sleeping:

When I walked out into the field to rouse her, she looked at me irritably. I guess no one likes to be awakened:

Sometimes she hangs out behind the barn with the big girls:

The green tattoo ink in her ears is beginning to fade:

And she sleeps at night with the herd. I find them in the morning, bathed in the light of the rising sun:

Cow-rillas In The Mist:

She has no tassel on her tail yet and I'll keep watching it to see when the white hairs begin to grow:

Scarlett and Rosella, mother and daughter:

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