Monday, August 18, 2014

Red Poll Cattle Pictures

Now that Scarlett has calved, big bellied Jasmine is the next in line. Her udder hasn't bagged up yet, but she is due very soon:

I still bring the cows in for grain once a day. It helps me to keep an eye on them and keep them tame:

Scarlett, grazing just before she calved:

Gracie was artificially inseminated 21 days earlier, but it didn't take because she came in heat again. So I called the A.I. man and we did it all over again:

The cows enjoy the pleasant days of summer also:

Scarlett began climbing up the rock pile just before she gave birth and I shooed her away from it. Besides the treacherous footing, coyotes were howling across the road and this was too near the woods for comfort. I wanted her closer to the barn:

The cattle have eaten down the portion of the south field to which they are confined. They still seem to be in fine condition, but I am looking forward to getting the rest of the fields hayed and then making some decisions about buying more for the winter:

Little Rosella spent her first several days curled up in the grass, sleeping. The green ears are because of the ink I used when I tattooed both her ears. I'll try to be less messy next time:

Rosella was quiet and compliant while I tattooed her ears, but then she got angry and stood up. She'd had more than enough of me:

And as soon as she stood up, Scarlett trotted over to bring her back to the herd:

Mother and her green-eared daughter:

This short video caught a pasture scene with all the cows and little Rosella when she was less than one day old. The birds were singing beautifully and Scarlett gave a low, motherly moo about halfway through, so be sure your volume is turned up:

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