Friday, August 29, 2014

A House Full Of Pets Is A House Full Of Love

Old PeeWee had yet another stroke or seizure, though this third one was much less severe. He snapped out of it and was enjoying life once again the next day:

And as they often do, the other four dogs draped themselves languidly on the ramp between the porch to their fenced yard. It's been a lazy, comfortable summer for them:

Clover and Daphne curled up together on one of the fleecy dog beds in the kitchen:

Less comfortable, perhaps, yet still enjoying each other's company were Seamus, Fergus and Snoozey at the foot of the stairs:

And more camaraderie - Clover atop Seamus, with Fergus and Daphne curled up beside them:

Speaking of good buddies, Draco and Bramble have long been best friends. In this spot, it appeared that they'd added the chainsaw bear and the RCA dog to their social circle:

PeeWee still sleeps with his plush squirrel, though I can't be sure if he's even aware of it:

Dog pile! Clover, Daphne and Fergus all scrunched up together:

Draco and Bramble again:

And the four dogs once again on their ramp:

Upstairs in my bedroom, away from the cats, lives Dixie the guinea pig:

And Chirpy the parakeet lives in the bedroom also. Both Dixie and Chirpy once had cage-mates, but now live alone. Their cages are adjacent and I stop to give them attention often during the day, so they seem to be living happy lives:

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