Thursday, August 14, 2014

Parishville Bicentennial Parade - Part 2

I was about midway into the Parishville Bicentennial Parade when this patriotic pickup truck went by:

And then this - um, I don't have any idea what this was. It had license plates, but I don't think I'd want to travel far in it, especially in the winter:

A bagpipe band. You can see the bridge over the St. Regis River behind them in this photo:

Fire Department marchers:

And a float from the St. Lawrence Power and Equipment Museum, which I recently visited:

A marching band:

"Justice For Garrett" signs are seen everywhere in the area. In 2011, a 12 year old boy was murdered in Potsdam and his murderer was never found. "Justice For Garrett" became a movement to help find and convict whoever was responsible. This past spring, a Clarkson University soccer coach was arrested for the murder, but I never heard anything more:

A 1901 "horseless carriage:"

The Red Hat Society ladies:

And Sun Feather natural soaps, a local company:

Cubby T. Clown:

And another horse drawn wagon. The parade came to an end and I headed back home to check on Scarlett, my cow who I thought would be calving that day. I was wrong and there was no calf that day. I'll be sure to post pictures when it does happen, though:

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