Saturday, August 9, 2014

Snow Bowl State Forest - Part 1

I'd noticed a sign for the Snow Bowl State Forest when I recently drove to Tupper Lake. I looked it up online when I got home and learned that it was a popular destination for rock climbers. So one fine day I took the dogs there to investigate:

The old road, now a foot trail, took us through both hardwood and pine forests:

And then the trail angled off to the left and down into a deep valley, likely the Snow Bowl:

A happy Daphne clowned around on the soft moss:

And then, right there in front of us, was a rock wall. For size comparison, notice Fergus on the bottom left of the photo:

Of course we all got up close to the base of the wall:

I quickly discovered (again) that my braces rendered me quite clumsy, so I didn't do any rock climbing. Seamus and I stayed at the base of the wall, but Clover, Fergus and Daphne had a grand time, climbing like mountain goats:

The shear face of the wall was broad as well as tall, so we walked farther along to investigate:

There was a sort of trail along the base:

Fergus, king of the canine rock climbers:

The scenery was exquisite:

But the trail which took us along the wall also went in another direction. I wasn't going to leave until we'd investigated that also, but I'll post about that tomorrow:

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