Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Trip To The Hopkinton Town Museum

I got to thinking that it had been several years since I'd seen the Hopkinton Town Museum and August was the month when it was open, albeit for only a few hours. So I searched the internet for the schedule and found none. I began making phone calls and found the president of the Historical Society who said it was open for two hours that very day, though he couldn't guarantee it because the volunteers had forgotten to open up the previous two Saturdays. So I drove down to the lovely, shady village green:

I parked, and walked over to the museum building:

Inside, they had a very old and beautiful pump organ:

Various mannequins, dressed in period clothing:

A comfortable parlor from a bygone era:

I climbed the stairs and found lots of quilts:

The signature or friendship quilt, with all the people's names, was especially interesting. I could only guess what the "$1.60 amt" meant. Perhaps it was a fund raiser, and these people had donated $1.60 each, a lot of money back in the day:

And just when was "back in the day?" Another panel on that same friendship quilt told the story. It was stitched in 1902:

There was an entire room devoted to old fashioned school houses:

And a bedroom, complete with a set of "woolies" long underwear, hanging on the footboard:

Downstairs in the kitchen, this wonderful cupboard intrigued me. I've searched the internet for exactly what to call it, but "cupboard" is all I could come up with. Any ideas?:

The kitchen, of course, had a great wood stove. There were two other outbuildings which I'd visited last time, but the volunteer had no keys. So I thanked her for her kindness and returned home. I am glad that so many towns are preserving bits of their history. Perhaps there is hope for the human race yet:

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