Monday, August 4, 2014

Hopkinton Summer Festival Parade - Part 2

I got a better look at some of the super-hero costumes on the Deer Valley Trails restaurant contingent. They were elaborate, especially the fully feathered wings, but not being a super-hero buff, I couldn't name a single one of them:

NuMed, the only national business in the tiny town of Hopkinton, makes cardiovascular devices for people with heart problems, but especially for children with congenital heart disease:

Appropriately, NuMed's float theme was "NuMed for children" and they were accompanied by a very large contingent of marching children, many of them with their dogs:

The lawn tractor brigade:

And the Lawrenceville Baptist Chapel:

My neighbor's mother rode her handsome, prancing pinto in the parade:

And the same neighbor's children rode the schoolhouse float for the Hopkinton Historical Society:

Sand Hill Stables, in nearby St. Regis Falls, had a large group of horses and riders:

There were classic cars:

And old tractors:

And more classic cars:

The Parishville ATV Club was toward the rear of the parade, followed only by more firetrucks and ambulances. It was a small but enthusiastic parade and lots of fun. Everyone was friendly and it really did seem to bring the community together:

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