Saturday, August 2, 2014

More Farm Photos

Well, it took many months to happen, but one of the fantail pigeons finally got brave enough to venture out for a look at the big world:

He flew to the roof of the milk house:

I think he was the father of the current baby, and his toenails clicked and slipped on the metal roof:

He flew down to the unsure footing of the window trim, then down onto the lawn where he pecked like a chicken. He was only out a few minutes and then went back inside the barn. He's been out several times since:

The Purple Loosestrife in the drainage ditches along the road began to bloom:

And this new (to me) flower. It was a good six feet tall and also growing in the drainage ditches. A little research in my field guide revealed it to be Hairy Willow-Herb, an introduced species, similar to the the native Fireweed:

The cattails in the drainage ditches were spectacular against the summer sky. By the way, those purple flowers in the background were Hairy Willow-Herb buds, just about to open:

The yellow Asiatic Lilies were all gone, but the orange ones were happy and healthy:

The Tall Garden Phlox also burst into bloom:

Last year they attracted Giant Swallowtail Butterflies, the first sightings in St. Lawrence County. I'm hoping for a repeat this year. Just yesterday, however, a small, young hummingbird was feeding in these flowers. I tried to get a photo but the little bird was too wary:

I've been noticing a pleasant, green apple smell when I walk across the grass and especially when I mow the lawn. But I knew what it was: Wild Chamomile, and we have a bumper crop this year. It is growing everywhere:

The baby fantail pigeon continued to grow. Here it is at 23 days:

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