Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hopkinton To Fort Jackson - Part 1

Recently I parked along Route 49 and then walked to the highway to view the Hopkinton Summer Festival Parade. Walking back to my car, I took note of the small town, rural, summer beauty all around me and promised myself that I'd make a driving tour blog post before winter. So here it is, beginning at the village square in Hopkinton:

I drove north on County Route 49 beneath blue skies, viewing comfortable homes surrounded by trees:

Almost every home was backed up by corn fields or forest, and almost every yard was chock full of perennials, fruit trees and shade trees. This home also had a roof full of solar panels:

Most homes had a covered front porch from which to sit and watch the rural beauty all around, waving at neighbors who drive by:

I passed green farm fields and forests:

This home had a bicycle leaned up against the flag pole as well as old fashioned, steel lawn chairs out back:

This old style home had a tire swing out back and that was sufficient to prompt me to include this photo despite the sun's glare:

All surrounded by trees:

There were two buildings like this, each of which apparently contains several small, one floor apartments:

I crossed a bridge over a small stream, a beauty which I suspect most people never even notice:

I passed by the lovely Fort Jackson Cemetery, backed up by forest and a sharp drop-off down to the St. Lawrence River:

The lush green of the vegetation and blue sky set this apart as an idyllic setting on a near perfect day:

This home had a made a good start on the winter's firewood supply. But there was more yet to see on this short section of road, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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