Monday, September 1, 2014

Hopkinton To Fort Jackson - Part 2

I was about halfway between Hopkinton and Fort Jackson on my driving tour of County Route 49. I passed the Hopkinton Highway Garage:

And old farm houses with barns out back:

Most homes had metal roofs, protection against severe winters:

And most homes had front porches and shade trees:

This nicely mowed stretch of lawn was somebody's side yard, complete with Spruce trees and backed up by corn fields:

An old carriage house:

And an old barn, now beginning to sag and lean:

Two porches, shade trees and lots of vines - this looked to me like comfortable country living at its best:

A very old home with an old fashioned tin roof and a screened, wrap-around porch:

This old hay field had even more Goldenrod in it than mine:

This large, old home has been being renovated and is looking quite spiffy these days:

I passed by this old, abandoned church with a "For Sale" sign on the door. I recently learned that it formerly was a Unitarian church. It would seem that the north country here was at one time a hotbed of Unitarianism, with many churches and even a college. Today, all that is left is one church in Canton, albeit a large, active and lively church:

I ended my tour as I crossed the bridge over the St. Regis River:

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