Monday, September 8, 2014

The Franklin County Museum - Part 2

I continued my tour of the Franklin County Museum in Malone, New York in the upstairs room which was furnished as an old schoolhouse:

There was a broom making machine and the guide told me that they used to have broom making demonstrations for school kids and that Malone had a broom factory for much of its history:

There was a weaving, spinning and textile room:

And a bicentennial quilt, featuring fascinating cloth panels of local business, farms, wildlife, the county fair, the railroad and a big fire:

Weaving demonstrations for touring school groups:

And some amazing old sewing machines:

At the end of my tour, right next to the door, the guide pointed out this "Granny Bench," which I hadn't noticed before. The grandma sat on one side and could lay a baby next to her without fear of it rolling off:

I thanked my guide and left the museum. But I'd promised myself that I'd also take photos of some of the surrounding homes to give you an idea of the spectacular, historic neighborhood. This home was right next door and a sign indicated that it was a bed and breakfast:

A home with a turret:

An intricate home with lots of interesting features:

And a stone house with a wooden front:

I took one last photo of this brick colonial before putting my camera away and beginning the journey home:

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