Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Small Animal Swap Meet In Gouverneur, New York - Part 1

On the morning after the dog agility trials (see yesterday's post), I drove to the county fairgrounds in Gouverneur, New York for a small animal swap meet. It was sponsored by the Northern New York Poultry Fanciers Association:

I parked my car and began looking at the many tailgate cages with birds and other animals for sale:

I was hoping to add some new blood to my Fantail Pigeons, but would enjoy looking at everything. These, I believe, were white Old English Game Bantams. And what a cheap price! Apparently someone wanted rid of them:

This couple was purchasing some very large Partridge (colored) Cochin Chickens:

A grand mixture of birds, including some colorful Polish (with the topknots):

This truck had lots of Golden Pheasants for sale:

 I walked around to the back of the truck, where folks were already crowded around for a closer look:

A pair of Silver Golden Pheasants:

And Lady Amherst Pheasants:

Then I continued walking. There was a food vender, but it was much too early for lunch:

Someone was selling a Vietnamese Potbelly Pig:

I entered the Poultry Barn and discovered lots of birds and other animals for sale. Many of them were clearly labeled with breed names and prices, which was very nice. But I still hadn't seen any Fantail Pigeons, so I kept looking. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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