Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wild And Remote Debar Pond - Part 1

It was already afternoon and rain was predicted soon, yet the sun was still shining and I decided to take the dogs to Debar Pond. We drove 30 miles to this overgrown sign and parking area, far off the main roads:

We walked up the dirt lane to the trail head, where I signed the register and called the pooches to begin our hike:

There were beautiful yellow mushrooms along the way:

This was a short hike, but a scenic one. Much of it was on elevated planks through a cedar swamp:

There clearly hadn't been much maintenance done and much of the wood was rotting:

We crossed over this lovely stream:

And continued on through the cedar swamp:

Joe-Pye-Weed was blooming profusely wherever it could take root near water:

The planks were springy and saggy, a little worrisome for an old codger like me with leg braces. But I was careful, in one place even getting on my hands and knees to get past a particularly rickety spot:

The little dogs weren't worried about falling, though. They even wrestled and played as they traversed the planks:

And there were occasional side trips for the small dogs:

Big Seamus, however, wasn't so agile and did take a spill off the planks into the swamp. He managed to right himself and get back up onto the boardwalk without any help from me. We were almost to Debar Pond. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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