Monday, September 15, 2014

Red Poll Cattle - Moving Into Autumn

The Red Poll girls have been covering every inch of the field, tasting different grasses and even a few broad leaf weeds. They must be well fed, as they are fat and sleek and often can't be bothered to come in for grain or apples. They're just too full and lazy to walk to the barn:

Case in point - they are comfy and relaxed. Why expend extra energy?:

My brush hogging the field has made a big difference, helping the tender, green grasses to grow and setting back the Goldenrod which had threatened to take over the field:

One day I gave them a bale of hay as a treat. They enjoyed it briefly, and then left the rest of it to rot:

And speaking of well fed, Rosella is growing at an astounding rate. She's up and with the big girls all the time now and clearly is not missing any meals. Her mom is making so much milk that it is leaking out the ends of her teats. Yes, Rosella is doing well:

The girls have been slightly less friendly lately, though I'm not sure what that's about. Perhaps they're just too well fed to put up with this two legged interloper:

Their red coats shine in the sun, but especially so in the morning light. Last winter their coats took on a dull, brown color, and I'm wondering if they'll do the same thing this winter:

Rosella regards me with interest, but also with alarm if I reach out to her or get too close. I suppose she'll tame down with time:

Rosella's main interest right now is still in her mother:

And she runs in a fun and charming way. It's fun to watch:

I've got about two thirds of the winter hay supply stored beside the fence and have already made plans for obtaining the rest of what I'll need:

All in all, they are a happy and healthy herd:

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