Friday, September 12, 2014

The Riverside Trail - Part 1

Our first attempt at finding the Riverside Trail in Parishville was a total bust (see yesterday's post), so we got back in the car and began driving home. About 500 feet up the road, I saw this sign. There was no parking area, so I parked on the shoulder and we began our second attempt to hike the Riverside Trail:

The trail began as advertised, a broad, level, easy trail through a lovely forest. And unlike the "trail" we'd just tried, this one was marked:

The trail narrowed as we approached the ravine, down into which we'd find the St. Regis River:

And then the trail turned sharply downward:

Clover was bright, alert, and happy:

When the St. Regis River came into view, Fergus and the Papillons broke into a run to get to the water's edge. Seamus just plodded along with me:

Clover and Daphne were the first to arrive at the river, and hopped out onto a rock for a better view. Accented by early blooming Asters, the two Papillons looked stunning in such a wild setting:

I looked upstream and downstream, enjoying the wildness of it all:

And Fergus did a bit of rock hopping also:

Seamus, however, was thirsty and had more pressing needs than sightseeing:

The rocks were big enough that even I ventured out onto them for a better view and to experience the water rushing by:

I looked back and saw both Seamus and Fergus closer to shore, near the edge of the forest, and knew we'd have to venture onward to explore more of this trail. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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