Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wild And Remote Debar Pond - Part 3

The dogs and I had hiked to Debar Pond:

The views of this secluded gem, surrounded by mountains, were excellent:

But it was time to hike back to where we'd parked:

We hiked across dry ground with planks over the wet spots:

Through the Adirondack forest:

Until we reached the elevated planks through the cedar swamp:

The dogs had a grand time playing on the planks, but I had to be careful as I'm quite clumsy with my leg braces:

The planks were covered with chicken wire to prevent them from being too slippery, but they were also beginning to rot, sag and lean in various "interesting" directions:

We crossed back over the bridge where the beautiful Joe-Pye-Weed was in bloom:

And also where a lot of Turtlehead, a member of the Snapdragon family, was blooming:

We reached the dirt lane which had brought us to the trail head. I signed out at the register and snapped a photo of my four very happy pooches:

We loaded back up into the car and began our journey back out of the Adirondack forest to where we could again be on a regular, paved road:

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