Friday, September 26, 2014

Floodwood Loop Trail, Pollywog Pond To Little Pollywog Pond

From Middle Pond (see yesterday's post), we set off again, this time aiming for Pollywog Pond:

Big, moss covered fallen trees were everywhere, so I set Fergus on one for a photo. He didn't look like he was enjoying it, though:

But he certainly enjoyed the hike, with so much to see, hear, smell and taste:

We crossed over an old beaver dam:

And stopped to photograph this bright red mushroom:

And then, just ahead, we caught a glimpse of Pollywog Pond:

We had to cross over this log to get to it, but I wanted to go down to the water's edge:

Pollywog Pond is, according to the map, quite large. But it consists of a series of loops, bends and bays, so it was impossible to see the entire lake. Nonetheless, it was both wild and beautiful:

But of course there was a lot more to see, so we continued on the trail toward our next destination:

And that next destination was Little Pollywog Pond. This one had a sandy, gradual shoreline so the dogs got to go in and splash around:

My dogs sure have a grand time outdoors, running and playing, sniffing and splashing:

But that was as far as we went. I turned back toward the trail head where we'd parked:

We crossed back over the old beaver dam and through the forest. I'll post Part 3 tomorrow:

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