Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pets At Home

I figured it was just about time for an update on the household pets. We'll begin with Georgette, who was exploring a new (to her) cat tree when I took this picture. She has her favorite cat tree and her very own spot reserved at the top of it, but she was feeling adventurous on this day:

PeeWee still sleeps most of the time, but he's had an upswing in his health. His appetite is enormous and he's happy most all the time. Of course he's still mostly blind, deaf and senile, but he doesn't let that slow him down - except when he's sleeping:

Bramble's two weeks on antibiotics had an unexpected consequence. The daily handling increased his friendliness and willingness to be petted. He often sits on this chair now so I'll pet him as I walk by:

And many of the dogs and cats continue to share the fleecy dog beds on the kitchen floor:

This is a popular spot:

Georgette seldom comes downstairs, but one day she came down to watch me while I was at the computer:

Bramble has always liked dogs - more, in fact, than he likes other cats or people:

I caught Fergus, PeeWee and Seamus enjoying the sunlight coming through the kitchen window by the side door:

And the dogs still enjoy their fenced yard. In this photo, PeeWee was sniffing the grass while Fergus watched the chickens on the lawn:

And a rare photo which captured all five dogs in one shot:

Clover, Bramble and Daphne:

At the foot of the stairs - Seamus, Fergus, Daphne and Clover:

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