Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Old Fashioned Harvest Days In The Town Of Madrid - Part 1

The St. Lawrence Power And Equipment Museum was hosting the autumn open house, called "Old Fashioned Harvest Days," and I attended. I parked my car and entered the grounds. Power equipment of varying degrees of antiquity (but mostly quite old) was everywhere:

The last time I was here, the school house had been moved into place and work days were scheduled to get it restored. They'd dedicated it that very morning and I was anxious to see the improvement:

They'd done a marvelous job and filled it with old style desks, the original chalkboard and a school marm in period costume. There was children's graffiti on the front wall from 1944, but it didn't photograph well. Still, it was nice to see that they'd allowed such historic touches to remain:

Outside of the school house were antique tractors:

And more antique tractors and other farm equipment:

And a small barn, sand pile and toy equipment for kids to play with:

I walked from there to the old, restored shoe shop:

It was authentically restored, both inside and out:

Antique cars and trucks were everywhere, parked casually as if their drivers were just off visiting the museum's displays - and perhaps they were:

Then I went to see the old, restored Texaco station:

It too was authentically restored, both inside and out:

And reminded me of gas stations from my childhood. Heck, it reminded me a little bit of the mechanic's garage where I take my car now:

There were harvesting demonstrations:

And steam engines of all sizes and descriptions running. This small one was powering an old time log splitter. But there was lots more to see. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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