Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Hay Bale Pet Photos, 2014 Edition

My own fields produced 29 bales and I figured I needed 40. Miraculously, a neighbor stopped by and offered me the hay in his adjacent field. I only needed to have someone cut, rake and bale it for me. But while they were still baling in my own fields, I took the dogs out for our traditional yearly photo shoot. I brought little PeeWee along and set him atop the bale. I don't think he knew where he was or what was going on, but he seemed to enjoy the attention and being included with the other dogs:

Fergus used to be afraid of being set up on top of a bale, but apparently he's gotten over that and seemed to have fun this year:

Daphne and Clover looked windblown, reminding me of Snoopy as the Red Baron:

Of course I couldn't get gigantic Seamus up onto a bale, so I parked him at the base of one, along with little PeeWee, with Fergus on top:

With all the hay bale photos taken, we were free to explore and play. PeeWee sniffed the new hay:

Daphne and Clover ran off wildly, but Fergus waited for permission:

Seamus and Fergus did a bit of sniffing:

And then Fergus ran off to join the Papillons, leaving Seamus to stand and watch:

And the three younger, smaller dogs certainly had fun:

PeeWee and Seamus stayed back with me:

Fergus, Daphne and Clover ran and played wildly:

It was a brief spot of fun in the fragrant field. Our yearly hay bale portraits were done and we walked back to the house:

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