Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Riverside Trail - Part 2

We'd reached the St. Regis River and did a bit of rock hopping and exploring, but there was more trail to hike, so we went back to dry land and continued following it. Riverside trail, true to its name, stayed right along the shoreline:

And the views were stunning, the river sometimes churning wildly and sometimes placid:

We stopped frequently, whenever there were rocks on which we could venture out:

Occasional trees on the opposite shore were turning scarlet already, and Clover looked tiny and fragile as she walked along the edge of a broad, flat rock:

Daphne and Fergus were all smiles:

Just then I began to see Cardinal Flowers in bloom, with a red so intense that it seemed they might glow in the dark. Cardinal Flower is a scarlet Lobelia, a true joy to behold:

Seamus was not as adventurous as he used to be, and often stayed back on shore instead of rock hopping:

Goldenrod and ferns populated the open parts of the shoreline:

And Fergus posed beside a few more Cardinal Flowers:

Clover peeked around a corner to see what I was doing:

One last photo of Fergus and the river before we got back on the trail and continued hiking to wherever it would take us:

As soon as we were back in the forest, we encountered these Bunchberries and mosses. But there was more to see on the Riverside Trail and I'll post Part 3 tomorrow:

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