Friday, September 5, 2014

Red Poll Cattle Update

The cattle have been getting a lot of attention this summer. It looked as if the grass in their pasture was getting scarce, so I opened up another section. Violet was very happy:

 In fact, they were all happy to be out in fresh pasture, though they ignored all that inedible Goldenrod:

 Little Rosella continued to romp and play and sleep. She has been growing at an astounding rate:

 Who me? Are you talking about me?

 Amy came into heat and was artificially inseminated:

 And all the cattle spent a lot of time lying about, chewing their cuds. It was apparent to me that they were well fed:

 I'm well fed, too. Mom takes good care of me:

 This is Jasmine. I took this photo to illustrate her obviously pregnant condition. But she had gone 13 days beyond when she should have been due and I was worried. Then one day, she came into heat - and so did Gracie and Violet, both of whom had already been artificially inseminated. I am waiting for the A.I. man as I type this:

 I took to giving the girls small amounts of apples and they loved them so much that they became quite pushy. But if Jasmine wasn't pregnant, that must mean that she is grossly obese. In fact, I've let their collars out from the first to the fifth hole in the nine months they've been here and I may need to go to the sixth hole. Perhaps I should put these girls on a diet:

 But they are all looking good and enjoying life - and they're all watching over Rosella:

 They travel together, eat together, sleep together:

 Rosella was sleeping next to one of her aunties when I tried to take a picture and she got up and ran to her mom. Stay tuned for more updates:

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