Monday, September 22, 2014

A Return To Harper Falls - Part 2

We'd just arrived at Harper Falls, a magnificent cascade on the Grasse river, and I decided to continue on up the trail to the top of the falls. We passed a lot of interesting mushrooms along the way. This group had caps the color of leather and stems which were mottled like giant slugs:

These were the color of freshly baked bread - or perhaps slightly toasted marshmallows:

We arrived at the top of the falls but, due to my bad ankles and painful, awkward gait, I was unable to get close enough for any good pictures. The dogs watched me try and then erupted with joy when I decided to retrace our steps down the trail to the base of the falls again:

When we arrived at the base of the falls, I noticed this very large mushroom, the color of butterscotch:

Fergus was a very good boy and smiled most of the way:

At that point, there was nothing left to do but begin returning to our car. So off we went:

When we arrived at the stream which still showed the effects of the Hurricane Sandy flooding, the dogs ran right into the water to cool off and get a drink:

It was a peaceful scene and my dogs were very happy:

This beautiful mushroom was, I think, a white Chanterelle. They are supposed to be edible, but my identification skills are nonexistent and I would never, never try eating one:

We were nearing the trail head when I spotted this cluster of apples at the edge of the trail. I looked around for the apple tree which had produced them and found none. Then I remembered being told that some people leave small clusters of apples in the forest for "the little people." I figured that someone considered this forest to be of a charmed or magical type. Given the beauty I saw all around me, I was good with that:

And the variety of large, colorful mushrooms certainly added to the magical forest designation. This cluster of pink and brown parasols was just past the apples:

We passed back over the little bridge, returned to our car and the dogs hopped back in with as much enthusiasm as they'd showed jumping out when we arrived. Dogs are always happy to go on an adventure:

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