Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Red Poll Girls in September

Our weather began cooling dramatically in September and the cattle enjoyed the lower temperatures. Little Rosella lay down for a nap beside her aunt Amy:

The stock tank was empty every morning and the cows gathered around for their morning drink of water as I filled the tank:

I always tried to give the cows their grain before letting the chickens out in order to keep the birds out of the barn. They love the cows as a source of food, be it spilled grain or bugs kicked up while grazing:

On warm, sunny days, all the girls collected beneath the Box Elder for a bit of shade:

One day I called the cows over for some apples. Scarlett, who dearly loves apples, ran immediately to me, ripping her teat right out of Rosella's mouth. A minute later, the annoyed calf arrived with milk bubbles still coming out of her mouth:

I cleaned up a former raspberry patch and then back-dragged the area, leveling it out. The cows immediately began rubbing their faces in the dirt and kicking it up behind them, apparently to combat the pesky flies:

Rosella learned to come into the barn with her mother and that I would give her a bowl of sweet feed if she did so:

The only problem was on the occasions when the annoying chickens got into the barn. But Rosella knew how to chase them away from her food:

As the temperatures cooled and the sun shined, life slowed down and became comfortable and relaxed:

I don't suppose they understand it, but that's their winter hay supply behind them:

All the cows have now been artificially inseminated except Scarlett, the new mother, and her turn will come soon. The most recent insemination was Jasmine:

Jasmine wasn't at all sure she liked this process, though she did like the extra grain and attention:

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