Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Franklin County Fair - Part 1

I'd already missed the St. Lawrence county fair, my neighbors told me, but the Franklin County fair was just beginning. I made plans to go on Thursday, Senior Citizens Day, for the discount. I drove to the town of Malone, parked and began my tour in the riding horse barn:

These, it appeared to me, were dearly beloved pets. They traveled with their humans and their stalls were decorated with pictures, plaques and curtains:

I next went into the dairy barn, where jumbo Holsteins were being groomed to impress the judges:

There were a variety of breeds and ages of cattle:

But Holsteins were far and away the most numerous breed:

Then there were these American British White Parks, a beef breed whose farm I visited several years ago. In fact, I might be raising them now except that their owner told me I'd never find any for sale:

Outside, the cattle were being given showers and full beauty treatments:

I went next into the poultry barn. Having raised so many types of poultry over the years, I always enjoy looking for familiar old breeds and surprising new breeds:

There were Golden Pheasants:

And golden colored chickens:

Guinea Hens:

And turkeys. There were lots more kinds of birds, and I'll present just a few of them in tomorrow's post:

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