Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Franklin County Fair - Part 2

I'd already passed through the horse barn and the dairy barn, and was currently touring the poultry barn (see yesterday's post). There were Peacocks and ducks of various kinds:


This big fellow was a Buff Orpington rooster and he resided near the door because he'd won a blue ribbon. I congratulated him on his success as I left the poultry barn to see what was next:

I entered the goat barn. I used to raise dairy goats, so I had a special interest in them. These big eared ladies were Nubian goats:

Another Nubian, friendly and curious:

This Toggenburg goat was being groomed on a milk stand. I used to have a stand just like this, which I kept in my kitchen and on which I milked my goats:

Once I'd seen the livestock, I headed to the midway:

It was early and the rides were just starting up, but they presented a glorious array of shapes and colors to photograph:

It was lunch time and I was hungry, but deep fried Kool-Aid didn't sound very healthy to me:

Candy Land likewise didn't look as if it offered much in the way of healthy eating. I eventually got a sausage sub which, by comparison, didn't seem as bad as it might otherwise:

I loved the inflatable lemonade stand, just in front of the Ferris Wheel:

I remembered the fun house, Crystal Lil's, from last year. I enjoy the lights, colors and people watching of the midway, so I continued my walking tour. I'll post Part 3 tomorrow:

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