Thursday, August 21, 2014

Franklin County Fair - Part 3

I'd seen all the livestock barns at the county fair and a good deal of the midway (see previous two posts) but I reveled in the colors, lights, loud music and bustle all around me. I kept walking and enjoying the carnival atmosphere:

There were many games of skill or chance:

With lots of big, colorful, nearly worthless prizes:

And, of course, a carousel:

I could feel my arteries hardening just from gazing at this booth:

A lemonade stand in the shape of a giant lemon was a big hit with me:

And for the tiny tot with ambitions to be in a biker gang, there was the "Hog Wild" motorcycle ride:

There were more exhibit buildings on the other side of the midway. I saw prize winning vegetables:

Blue and red ribbon jams, jellies and pickles:

And the county's finest junior flower arrangers entered their works for the judges to evaluate:

There was a large fishing, hunting and wildlife exhibit with a table devoted to fox and coyote pelts of many types which was so very popular that I couldn't get near it:

Soon enough it was time to leave, but in order to access the parking area, I had to cross the race track. Fair personnel guarded the gates at each track crossing and pedestrians and autos all had to stop and wait for the harness racing sulkies to pass by:

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