Thursday, August 28, 2014

Red Poll Cattle Photos

The girls have been looking good this summer and lots of the neighbors have commented on their beauty:

When the pastures began getting low on grass, I threw out a bale of hay - and because the apples were falling early, I poured some of them atop the hay:

Was my hay/apple mix a hit? You bet it was!:

Scarlett even brought little Rosella over to the feast:

Little Rosella was still on a milk diet, but she scampered and played while the big cows ate:

Everything is new, exciting and fun for a little calf:

She sometimes tries to nibble at grass, but in the end she always returns to her mother's milk:

Instead of feeding hay in the middle of summer, I opened up a section of field for the cows to graze in. That made them very happy:

Jasmine got bigger and wider, passing the end of the normal cow gestation period but her udder hadn't even filled up yet. I was perplexed:

I always took lots of photos of Rosella, my first calf:

One day, Scarlett brought her daughter into the barn to play while she ate a bit of grain. It became a daily routine after that:

And Rosella delighted in playing with those feathered creatures she found in the field. They clucked and ran in such a fun way when she chased them:

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