Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Clear Pond, In The White Hill Wild Forest - Part 3

We were almost back to our parked car when I stopped to let the dogs again play at the edge of Clear Pond. A couple of Purple Loosetrife bloomed there and once again I was glad to note that it no longer seems to be an invasive problem:

Pink Steeplebush was also in bloom along the water's edge:

And Clover and Daphne, with their limitless energy and enthusiasm, explored every hill and every hole in the ground:

Clover climbed out onto a rock to survey the lake. Perhaps she was looking for the Loon who was making so much noise:

We continued along the shore toward our parked car:

And I marveled at the wild beauty of the scenery:

Seamus got wet again, though it was too rocky for him to go in very deeply:

Pickerelweed bloomed all along the shore:

And the dogs continued to run, play and explore:

When we were almost back to the parking area, I called the dogs and put them on leashes:

There was only one other car in the forest, a family who was camping near the water's edge. A little girl asked if she could pet the dogs and I agreed. When she asked to pick up Clover, I allowed it, but insisted she learn to do it with plenty of support. So the dogs and I had a grand day at a lovely, wild lake, and a little girl learned the right way to pick up a dog:

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