Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Clear Pond, In The White Hill Wild Forest - Part 2

We were hiking along Clear Pond in the White Hill Wild Forest. Clover and Daphne were having a grand time:

And I was finding the wild scenery to be magnificent:

Seamus led the way down to the water, but only Daphne and he actually went in:

Pickerelweed bloomed near the shore and between the rocks:

I turned away from the water's edge and back uphill into the forest, where more joyful running and jumping over logs told me the dogs were happy, happy, happy:

The pooches slowed down occasionally to look around and sniff the landscape:

And I saw a whole patch of Indian Pipe, a flowering, parasitic plant without chlorophyll:

Daphne stood next to two Indian Pipe plants while Clover watched from atop a rock in the background:

And then we continued on through the forest, headed back toward where we'd begun:

We returned to the water's edge, where the happy dogs once again got their toes wet and played:

Clover and Daphne ate a lot of green grass, but I've become accustomed to that. It doesn't seem to hurt them and they sure do enjoy it. But our little hike was not over yet. I'll post part 3 tomorrow:

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