Thursday, July 31, 2014

Farm Photo Album For July 31

It's been an idyllic summer, with lush greenery, bird songs, blooming roses and peaceful, contented chickens roaming the yard:

Haying began in June on neighboring farms and continued through July. Second cuttings should begin soon:

The corn did very poorly here this spring, just as it did last year. There was too much rain when it was just getting started. This field, however, was growing nicely:

I got all banged up, with a black eye and bruised, skinned knee while getting Gracie into the squeeze chute for the artificial insemination man. In the end, however, she was bred and is now pregnant. Or at least I hope so:

The baby fantail pigeon continued to grow rapidly. Here it is at 16 days:

And at 19 days:

The view from my upstairs front window. Peaceful, isn't it?:

The chickens roam far and wide, but like to stay beneath the apple trees when it's raining. You can see one cow in the background:

One pair of fantail pigeons seemed to be nesting earnestly, but when I lifted her up there were no eggs, no hay. I think she's imagining a nest beneath her:

The father of the growing baby has been quite active and friendly. I'll wager he'll be the first one brave enough to leave the barn for the great outdoors, at least if any of them ever do:

The hens love it when I use the push mower, rushing to it as soon as I shut it off in order to feast on hot grass clippings:

And all around the yard there's clucking, scratching and an occasional crowing:

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