Saturday, July 5, 2014

County Route 52 and County Route 6 - Part 1

It was a gorgeous day and I had lots of work to do around the farm, but I'd tired myself out the previous day and decided to take a driving tour instead. I began in nearby North Lawrence. This is the Google Maps view of North Lawrence. There's just a few homes and a giant yogurt factory:

I took St. Lawrence County Route 52, beginning at the yogurt factory:

The road had lots of small town charm and I was headed into farm country:

This home had both solar panels and a windmill:

A lovely front porch:

And colonial beauty:

As I got farther out into the rural area, I continued to see residences and not farms. But they were well kept residences:

This shady home had a big dog on the porch who gave me a brief "woof" but couldn't muster the energy for anything more than that:

Rustic log ornamentation, dressing up the front of the house. I liked it:

A woodsy home beneath tall trees:

And a smaller home, beneath shorter trees:

A boat for sale. I still had seen no farms but was enjoying this scenic drive. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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