Saturday, July 19, 2014

Update - What's Going On Around The Farm

Early summer melted into late summer. The white Peonies dropped their petals, leaving them looking like scattered underwear in a teenager's room:

The Iris stopped blooming but the yellow lilies and Cow Vetch bloomed profusely:

I finished removing the combination spent hay and cow manure which had nearly covered the hay bale feeder last winter. But when I was done, the feeder was ruined:

I got the pile almost down to nothing by scooping it up with the tractor bucket:

And then dumping it on the manure pile:

When I was done, I reopened the drainage ditch was runs from the barn door to the ditch along the road. Always curious, the cows had to get right into the newly opened ditch and inspect it:

Apple blossoms were darn scarce this spring, but one tree managed to bloom and now it has baby apples developing:

And one evening when I did chores, I discovered that a pair of fantail pigeons had two brand new hatchlings. Here they are at one day old:

Two days old:

Three days old:

Four days old:

And five days old. They were growing at an astonishing rate, though one  was certainly outpacing the other. I'll keep you updated on their progress in future posts:

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