Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kingsley Road And Whiskey Flats State Forest

I took the four hiking dogs to the nearby town of Parishville to explore a few new trails in the Whiskey Flats State Forest. I noticed Kingsley Road, an unpaved "seasonal road." I turned onto it, found a wide spot on which to park and let the pooches out of the car:

The forest at that point was mostly Red Pines and the forest floor was mostly sand, moss and Reindeer lichens:

The deer flies were pesky, but not so bad I couldn't just swat them. We proceeded along the woods roads for a short distance and then headed off into the forest, just to see what we could see:

There was almost no underbrush, so walking was easy and we could go anywhere we pleased with ease:

White Pines had begun to spring up in some sections, and that caused enough undergrowth to turn us aside and back toward the trail:

The dogs needed a few reminders, but they have mostly become pretty well behaved:

I saw a thicker section of forest and headed towards it:

Indeed, the forest floor dropped off precipitously and the forest turned suddenly to a dense, brushy hardwood mix. At the bottom of the first ravine was a small creek which we explored, but it so very dark in there that none of the photos I took were useable:

We returned to the sunlight and continued our way back toward the trail and our parked car:

As we neared Kingsley Road, I began to see occasional hardwood trees and underbrush, mixed in with the dominant pines:

Indeed, the last part of the trail was mostly hardwoods:

When we were all back inside the car, I decided to continue on Kingsley Road to see what other potential hiking spots we might find. For a narrow, dirt, seasonal road, it was pretty flat and easy to drive. I continued for a few miles and eventually began to see farmlands. A little farther, and we were on a paved county road which would take us home. This was such a nice place for a quick afternoon hike that I plan to return soon:

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